Large Elevator Company - ThyssenKrupp Elevators

Thyssenkrupp Elevator is a leading global provider of elevators, escalators, and other innovative passenger transportation solutions to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Flyingvoice delivered this wireless communication solution for ThyssenKrupp Elevators (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with New Rock to help their employees communicate effectively.


1. Clutter-free & wireless offices are required as the Company was unable to extend the phone and network lines.

2. With multiple office locations, phone system should facilitate internal and external communication.

3. Phones should come with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

4. Phones should support centralized import of a large number of contacts and quick search of the target Contacts as there are a large number of employees.


Flyingvoice built a network-based wireless solution according to their requirements.  

1. The PBX used in this project is New Rock OM200G, and connect it to main switch.

2. Create wireless network via AP in office areas, and ensure the interconnection between the wireless network and New Rock PBX (OM200G) in the server room.

3. Deploy Flyingvoice IP phones on office desks, connect them to the wireless network and register to New Rock PBX (OM200G).


1. All Flyingvoice IP phones support wireless connection, which requires no wiring and can be deployed flexibly.

2. Flyingvoice IP phones support FTP, TFTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols for auto provisioning, which are very suitable for high-efficiency deployment of extensions.

3. Flyingvoice IP phones support PoE, so they can keep working through a power outage.

4. Flyingvoice IP phones can quickly import large Phone Contact lists. The search function can quickly search for and call out the target Contact, helping to improve work efficiency.

5. Flyingvoice desktop IP phones can work as AP to transmit Wi-Fi signal to connect with additional devices around it.

6. All the extensions in the Company network can make free calls to each other, reducing communication costs.