Hospital and Healthcare Center - Anwar Sheikha Hospital

Anwar Sheikha Clinical Mall (ASCM) was established in 2019 as part of Qaiwan Group “High Q Hospitals Network”. With a patient centred approach, they follow very high standards of ethics and confidentiality whilst giving the best possible patient care. They also follow a community-focused approach through awareness and continuous education.


ASCM required a wireless, easy to use and free of charge phone system to achieve interconnection between the many different healthcare professionals. Flyingvoice built phone system for them with FIP16 IP phone.


Cost Reduction

FIP16 VoIP phone supports free internal calls, which considerably reduced communication costs for the hospital.


FIP16 IP phone is easy to operate and can easily achieve mass deployment and management via FDC software.

HD Voice Communication

The FIP16 IP phone adopts HD Voice Technology to ensure clear and stable communication for patients and hospital staffs.

Flexible Deployment

FIP16 supports 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-band wireless connection, which require no wiring and can be deployed flexibly.

Fast Roaming

The portable FIP16 IP phone supports IEEE802.11k/r, achieving fast roaming between APs. Doctors and medical staff members can enjoy a truly seamless calling experience even when walking around in the hospital.

Increased Efficiency

FIP16 IP phone is based on the FDC management software, which can quickly import large Phone Contact lists. The search function can quickly search for and call out the target Contact, helping to improve work efficiency.