VoIP Phone System for Jilin COVID-19 Mobile Cabin Hospitals

Fueled by the COVID-19 resurgence, Jilin province in northeast China is racing against time to build more mobile cabin hospitals to ensure that residents of a city can be well cared for. To help the hospital manage internal and external high call volumes, Flyingvoice swiftly stepped up, and offered a stable, reliable and easy-to-deploy VoIP phone system to support the government’s measure of mobile cabin hospitals. On March 15, 2022, covering 2.13 square meters, the first “mobile cabin hospital” was set up at Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center with 1,508 beds for patients.


The deployment of phone system must be finished within 48 hours to keep stay connected in internal and external communication. Deploy on different sites including wards, quarantine area and medical office. One phone to be used in two beds standing next to each other. Patients can call nurses more easily, so the phone must be easy-to-use for medical staff and patients.


This stable VoIP solution is based on Flyingvoice IP phones and Yeastar IPPBX.

1.     1. Connect the IPPBX to the main switch as a phone server.

2.     2. Deploy Flyingvoice IP phones on wards, quarantine area and medical office through wireless connection to SSID of AP in the hospital.

3.     3. The IPPBX will distribute phone numbers to extensions via auto-provisioning, making the connectivity for all extensions in the hospital.

Solution Diagram:

Solution Highlights:

Quick Installation and Deployment

Flyingovoice IP phones include built-in Wi-Fi that allows for a quick and easy installation through wireless connection, and the corresponding phone numbers are auto-provisioned, saving on deployment time.

More Effective Communication

This phone system allows you to easily access rich functions such as paging and intercom functions to make a real-time announcement for your team especially in emergency cases. In addition, utilizing the six-way conference of IP phones can help hospital workers make a conference from remote in protecting themselves from potentially contagious viruses during this pandemic.

Improved Patient Experience

Flyingvoice easy-to-use IP phones support speed dial that allows patients to get in touch with nurses with one key, and its auto-update phonebook makes hospital workers recognize the patient’s bed number from the display screen.

HD Voice Quality

The IP Phones supports HD voice quality with wideband codec (G.722, Opus) to ensure clear and stable calls between medical staff.

Flyingvoice IP phones to apply in the hospital: