Flyingvoice Announces Partnership with OpenVox
Apr 12, 2023

Shenzhen, China - April 12, 2023 - Flyingvoice Technology, a leading supplier of communication terminal devices and VoIP one-stop solutions, and OpenVox, a global leading provider of the VoIP Gateways, IPPBX and open source Asterisk® Telephony Cards, are excited to announce the compatibility of OpenVox's PBX with Flyingvoice's FIP1X series.

The integration of Flyingvoice's FIP1X series with OpenVox's PBX provides a seamless communication experience for users, allowing them to easily manage their telephony systems. With this compatibility, customers can now use Flyingvoice's FIP1X series with OpenVox's PBX without any compatibility issues or additional configuration.

"We are excited to work with OpenVox to offer our customers a fully integrated and optimized communication solution," said Hayley Zhang, Sales Director. "By collaborating with OpenVox, we are able to deliver a comprehensive telephony system that will meet the needs of businesses of all sizes."

"We are proud to partner with Flyingvoice to provide a high-quality, reliable and cost-effective communication solution," said Lin Miao, CEO of OpenVox. "By integrating Flyingvoice's FIP1X series with our PBX, we can offer our customers a more diverse range of telephony options and enhanced communication experience."

This collaboration demonstrates Flyingvoice and OpenVox's commitment to delivering innovative and industry-leading communication solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses. The compatibility of OpenVox's PBX with Flyingvoice's FIP1X series provides a more streamlined and efficient telephony system that is accessible to all customers.

About Flyingvoice

Founded in 2007, Flyingvoice is a leading VoIP communication terminal equipment manufacturer and one-stop solution provider. The company has a complete VoIP product line covering IP phones, adapters and VoIP routers suitable for enterprises and homes, each with its own patented technology. Flyingvoice products have passed strict carrier-level BMT testing and have been interactively tested with major softswitch platforms, IMS platforms and IP-PBX software platforms. In addition to its Shenzhen office, Flyingvoice has offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

Flyingvoice is aiming to empower small, medium and micro enterprises, solving the problem of “easy to buy but difficult to use” in network and communication, and committed to providing wireless IP office solutions with integrated Voice and Data for SMEs. For more information, please visit, follow Flyingvoice on LinkedIn or Facebook.

About OpenVox

OpenVox Communication Co.,Ltd., founded in Shenzhen in 2002, is a global leading provider of the VoIP Gateways, IPPBX and open source Asterisk® Telephony Cards with excellent quality and experience. We have been devoted to serving the Small and Medium Business and Large Enterprises with superior quality products that lower communication costs, increase system flexibility and enhance productivity in building IPPBX, Call Center, IVR and Unified Communications Platform.