Flyingvoice Released the Newly Upgraded 2 FXS Port VoIP Adapter - FTA5102E2
Sep 01, 2021

We are proud to announce the launch of the FTA5102E2. FTA5102E2 is a portable high-performance 2 FXS ports adapter with rich functions, which is ideal for SMBs to connect analog phones or fax machines to VoIP phone system. As an upgraded version of FTA5102, FTA5102E2 can provide better performance and user experience.

What's New:

Strong Interchangeability

FTA5102E2, FTA5111 (1 FXS & FXO Adapter) and FTA5120 (2 FXO Adapter) share the same PCBA, so they have strong interchangeability. This option gives more flexibility in the deployment.

Updated CPU

Compared with FTA5102, FTA5102E2's CPU performance is increased by 38%, providing more powerful computing power for communication and running more stable.

Doubled Flash Memory

FTA5102E2's flash memory amount has been doubled to provide more powerful functions and ensure a smoother user experience.

Key Features: