Flyingvoice IP Phone Update Adds 6-Way Conference Feature
Jan 19, 2022

New firmware V0.6.58.2 for Flyingvoice desktop IP phones including FIP15G, FIP14G, FIP13G, FIP11C/FIP11CP and FIP10/FIP10P, and V0.0.27.1 for Flyingvoice FIP16Plus are both available to download and upgrade now.

With the release of new firmware, Flyingvoice IP Phones support up to six parties to join a conference call from different locations, which not only help your company reduce communication costs and level up productivity, but also enhance the collaboration among various sectors.

More updates for Flyingvoice desktop IP phones

1. Added - Import Huawei PBX’s phonebook.

2. Added - Volume level up to 10.

3. Enhanced - Reduce load time of remote phonebook.

More updates for Flyingvoice FIP16Plus

1. Added- Display the charging icon and the battery percentage.

2. Added - Country code can be configured from Wi-Fi settings on phone.

3. Added- Sound prompt when the phone is being charged, low battery or the power button is being long pressed.

4. Added- Hindi language.