Yeastar P-Series PBX Will Add Auto Provisioning Support for Flyingvoice IP Phones
Jul 14, 2021

Yeastar P-Series PBX was launched in March 2021. According to a survey by the Eastern Management Group, a well-known telecommunications research and consulting company. Solutions of P-Series are the most ideal for SMEs. Flyingvoice also aims to serve SMEs. After more than a month of interoperability testing, the latest firmware version xxxx of the Yeastar P-Series PBX system supports auto provisioning on Flyingvoice VoIP phones, including FIP10/FIP10P, FIP11C/FIP11CP, FIP12WP, FIP13G, FIP14G, FIP15G and FIP16. This not only further promotes the integration of Flyingvoice VoIP phones and Yeasatr PBX, but also provides Flyingvoice users with more options for PBX products and solutions.

The interoperability between Flyingvoice VoIP phones and Yeastar P-Series PBX can better meet the needs of different enterprises for VoIP communication while realizing auto provisioning, enriching the application scenarios of the VoIP communication solutions of Yeastar & Flyingvoice.

Auto Provisioning

1. Phones can be auto provisioned via PNP (Plug and Play), DHCP Option66, and no need to power on in advance.

2. Add and deploy phones in batches earlier to avoid repeated operations.

3. Phones can be upgraded individually or in batches and be automatically upgraded when connecting to the power and network for the first time.

4. Support BLF, Extension Function Keys, Prompt Language, NTP, Set Administrator Password, Signal Tones, Codec and other configurations.

5. The phone's general parameter configuration can be customized, such as Remote Phonebook, Key As Send, Ring Timeout, etc.

Phonebook Sorting

The most-used contacts can be pinned to the top of the contact list by configuring phonebook, reducing the time to search contacts. Flyingvoice VoIP phone is one of the few phones that can achieve this feature with Yeastar PBX.


1. The phone's queue agent login and logout and status monitoring can be realized via auto provisioning. (Except FIP12WP and FIP16)

2. Queue calls support distinctive ringtones that help users easily recognize where the call is from.

Scheduled Paging

Scheduled paging allows PBX to make an announcement to phones on the specified date and time, and phones do not require any configuration. This feature can be applied to hotel check-out reminders, company weekly meeting notifications, etc.

Call Parking

The phone can monitor the parking number. When the call is parked, the phone will prompt the user to answer the parked call. (Except FIP12WP and FIP16)


One-click intercom can be realized between phones, it’s suitable for users who are regularly walking around, such as security, hotel cleaning staff, maintenance staff, etc.

Call Pickup

This feature allows you to pick up the no-answering calls at your own phone for colleagues.

The auto-provisioning support offered by Yeastar P-Series PBX makes the compatibility ranges of Flyingvoice phones broader, as well as enables them to better play value in the VoIP communication industry. For more information about Flyingvoice phones and Yeastar PBX solutions, please click here.