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VoIP Solution for Hotel & Hospitality
Increased competition in the hotel industry requires a quality phone system to help hoteliers provide better service to guests while enhancing hotel staff collaboration and improving working efficiency.
  • 1. Support common features such as Speed Dial, Call Transfer, Auto Answer, Call Hold, Mute, Phone Book, etc.
  • 2. Provide stable Wired connection, Wireless connection, and Telephone service.
  • 3. Achieve unified management and real-time monitoring of devices.
  • 4. Each phone in the guest room can call reception with a speed dial button and HD voice quality is required.
  • 5. IP phones can be compatible with existing PBX and APs without changing network architecture.
1. Deploy PBX in the server room and connect it to the switch.
2. The switch on each floor is connected to the main switch and wireless AP.
3. The guest rooms on each floor are equipped with Flyingvoice wireless IP phone and connect to AP.
4. Register VoIP phones to PBX, realizing free internal calls among extensions and other functions.
5. Use FACS for centralized manage of all the IP phones.
Solution Diagram
Solution Benefits
  • 01
    Wireless Connection: Flyingvoice IP phone supports wireless connection, which requires no wiring and can be deployed flexibly. Ensuring a clutter-free guest room.
  • 02
    AP Mode: Flyingvoice desktop IP phones can work as APs to transmit Wi-Fi signals to connect with additional devices around them.
  • 03
    Free Internal Calls: All the extensions in the hotel can make free calls to each other, reducing communication costs.
  • 04
    Rich Phone Features: Flyingvoice VoIP solution also supports advanced features such as HD Voice calls, Auto Answer, Call recording, Call Transfer and Speed Dial.
  • 05
    Fast Roaming Function: The portable IP phone FIP16 supports IEEE802.11k/r, achieving fast roaming between APs. Enjoy a truly seamless calling experience while moving around.
  • 06
    Simple Maintenance: The FACS management system supports unified management and real-time monitoring, which greatly reduces the configuration and maintenance costs of new equipment.