Flyingvoice and PortaOne Complete Interoperability Testing of FIP1X Series IP Phones
Sep 20, 2022

Shenzhen, China, (20th, September 2022) — Flyingvoice, a leading provider of IP phone and IP communication solutions, is excited to announce the partnership with PortaOne, a global telecommunication software platform developer, for the integration of the FIP1X series IP phones including FIP16Plus, FIP15G, FIP14G, FIP13G, FIP12WP, FIP11C/CP, FIP10/P with Cloud PBX / Hosted PBX platforms on PortaSwitch.

This exciting partnership means that Flyingvoice now has a way to bring value-added service to users who have installed the PortaSwitch platform. This will create an easy and intuitive way to deliver an integrated business communication solution for SMB and enterprise customers. It also gives customers more choices when selecting suitable and flexible solutions for their workplaces.

Flyingvoice FIP1X series IP phones are designed for SMBs. The phone supports improved mobility functions such as 6-way audio conferencing for easy conference calls, USB call recording, DECT headsets by a USB port connected Flyingvocie EHS10 headset adapter, and integrated Wi-Fi, installed with an updatable firmware and wiring Internet for easy and quick deployment, which creates reliable and powerful wireless office solutions.

“We are proud to work jointly with PortaOne to help our customers work and communicate more efficiently, “said Raymond Fang, the sales director of Flyingvoice. Users can deploy our IP phones with zero-effort instantaneous configuration based on PortaSwitch, which will unleash the power of remote communication, and eventually improve productivity.

“We are excited to partner with Flyingvoice and enable our customers worldwide to effortlessly use their devices for their CloudPBX products” said Klaus Haertel, Director for Global Channel and Alliances at PortaOne. Provisioning apps for Flyingvoice phones allow for zero-touch deployment which reduces the time-to-market for CloudPBX products. Through this automation CSPs are able to scale their sales without an operational overhead.”

About Flyingvoice

Flyingvoice is a leading supplier of communication terminal devices and VoIP one-stop solutions, providing VoIP phones, ATAs, Gateways and Routers for business and home. We are aiming to empower small, medium and micro enterprises, solving the problem of “easy to buy but difficult to use” in network and communication, and are committed to providing wireless IP office solutions with integrated voice and data for SMEs. For additional information, please visit, and follow Flyingvoice on LinkedIn or Facebook.

About PortaOne

PortaOne has been developing billing, business support systems, and cloud telephony software for communication service providers for over two decades. We’ve helped over 500 forward-thinking telcos in 100+ countries be market leaders while keeping the total cost of ownership for their business support system under control. We offer an unlimited lifetime license, and our open-architecture platform lets our customers quickly develop new services in-house. We give access to the source code to our customers to ensure security validation and transparency. Visit to find out how we can help you succeed.