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How to Get the Packet?
Dec 11, 2020

Sometimes when using the IP phones or ATAs or routers, user may have some problems, such as, user can not make the SIP account register successfully, user can not get the device connect VPN, or user can not registration problems, or VPN connection problems, and usually to solve thest problems, we may ask user to provide accounts to test and check, if it is not convenient for user to provide accounts, then packets are needed, but how to trace packets?

Wireshark or Hammer Call Anakyze are two kinds of popular tools used for tracing packets. We take Wireshark as an example to show user how to trace packets here.

1 Please download and install Wireshark on your computer;

2 Please connect the computer and the DUT(device under test, represents IP phone or ATA or router here) to a same HUB, and make the HUB to connect to the existing network.
Notice: you need use a HUB to combine the computer which has installed packet tracing tool and DUT, or you can not get right packets.


3 And then, please open Wireshark, click Interface List to show the interfaces on the computer, and select one interface, usually please choose local connection. And then click 20140110040647513.jpg to begin.

4 Make the device perform tests and check the status wireshark panel, after get enough packets, please click  to stop, and click File-->Save to save the packet to your computer.