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How to use Multicast Paging function on the Flyingvoice phone
May 06, 2024

The multicast paging function enables the initiator to send voice messages to a specified multicast address. All phones listening to the specified multicast address can receive voice messages from the initiator. The function is similar to broadcasting. The multicast paging function can easily send announcements to each member of the multicast group.

Operating mechanism:

1. The phone can configure the multicast originating address, port and the code on the web page.

2. Set up the multicast listening address and port on the web page.

3. The phone initiates the multicast, and all the phones listening to the address can receive the multicast content.

Note: All phones must be in the same network segment. The phone can only send/receive broadcasts on the same channel, broadcasts on other channels will be ignored.

Use the multicast paging function without PBX

Multicast Sender Configuration

Log into the phone’s web interface, go to Phone > Line Key page, set a line key type to Paging, the value format is multicast IP address:port.

After the settings, the LCD is shown in the following figure, and the multicast is initiated by pressing the Line key. Multicast RTP streams are unidirectional and can only go from the sender to the receiver.

Multicast receiver configuration

Go to Phone > Multicast IP settings page, set up the corresponding IP address and Listenning address that you set on the sender.

The name of the listening multicast (optional)
Listening Address
Listening address:port(The IP address ranges from to, and the port number ranges from 1024 to 65535).
Paging Barge
You can select normal call Priority in the Paging Barge. If the priority of an incoming multicast RTP stream is lower than the priority of the current normal call, the phone will automatically ignore the multicast RTP stream.You can also disable paging barge, and the phone will automatically ignore all multicast RTP streams from the local network.
Ignore DND
If you don't want to miss some emergency paging calls when DND is activated, you can use the "Ignore DND" feature to define the lowest priority of the paging group. When DND is activated, paging calls with higher or equal priority will be answered automatically, while lower priority will be ignored.
Paging Priority Active
You can enable or disable paging priority active, a feature that determines how the phone handles newly received multicast RTP streams when it is currently in a multicast session. If paging priority is enabled, the phone automatically ignores multicast RTP streams with low priority, receives multicast RTP streams with high or equal priority, and places the current multicast session on hold. If paging priority active is disabled, the phone will automatically ignore all received multicast RTP streams.
Multicast Codec
Set the default codec when the phone sends multicast RTP streams.

Multicast paging usage

When press the paging key on the phone, it sends an RTP stream to the pre-configured multicast address, and other phones configured to listen to the multicast address in the local network will be able to receive the RTP stream and anwser the call automatically. 

During the call, the sender can press Hold to hold the current multicast RTP session, the receiver automatically disconnects the multicast RTP session.The send can press Resume to restore the held multicast RTP session (Multicast RTP session re-established).The sender can press EndCall to end the current multicast RTP session.

Use the multicast paging function with PBX 

PBX Configuration

The phone can use multicast paging function with the PBX togeter, we use Yeastar PBX as a example. On the PBX’s web interface, go to Call Features > Paging/Intercom page, click on Add.

Type: One-way multicast paging or Two-way multicast paging.

Number: The number of paging

IP of multicast channel: multicast address and multicast port

Phone Configuration

Login to the phone’s web interface, register the phone to Yeastar PBX, then go  to Phone > Line Key

page, set the line key type to Intercom, set the value to paging number.