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How to make IP calls on the Flyingvoice phone
Jan 18, 2022

Allow IP calls feature allows user to dial out with IP address directly without register the phone to the PBX server.

1. Log in to the phone’s management page with the phone’s IP address.

2. Go to SIP Account > Line, under SIP Advanced Setup, change the Signal Port to 5060, disable Only Recv Request From Server, Request-URI User Check and Use Random SIP Port, enable Allow IP Calls.

Note: If your version does not have Allow IP Calls option, enable Outgoing Call without Registration in the same page.

3. Click Save&Apply and reboot the phone. Do the same settings on other phones that want to make IP calls.

4. Call another phone by entering it’s IP address, for example

Optional Settings: Dial Rule

Dial IP address on the phone is not convenient enough, there is a way to dial numbers instead of IP address. Follow the steps below to set a Dial Rule.

1. Go to Phone > Dial Rule, enable Dual Rule, set the unmatched policy to Accept, click Add.

2. Set the rule below, replace the IP address with the number 520.

3. Call another phone by enter the number 520, which means you are calling

Note: It is recommended to set a Static IP address on the phone when using Dial Rule. When the phone’s IP address changes, the dial rule will not work.