WAVE2 Overview

1. Background
With the popularization of intelligent terminal devices, the application range of wireless networks has become more and more widespread. However, in the actual use scheme, we usually will face a problem:The more users connect to the same AP, the slower the wireless network will be. In order to alleviate this situation, IEEE has proposed WAVE2 technology. In theory, the wireless connection rate using this technology can reach 1.73Gbps.
2. What is WAVE2
WAVE2 is a technology used in 802.1ac to improve the performance of wireless networks; since 1997, IEEE has been updating wireless standards, from the original 802.1 to 802.1ac (WAVE1), the wireless connection speed also from the original 2Mbps to close to 1.3Gbps (theoretical speed), and the performance of the wireless network is qualitative Leap, but this is only theoretical data. In practical applications, the more terminal devices connected, the slower the wireless rate will be, so the technology of WAVE2 is developed on the basis of WAVE1.
3. WAVE1 and WAVE2 contrast
WAVE1 uses SU-MIMO technology, using one to one way: if 4 terminals connect to AP, AP will send information to the user A at the same time, and then send information to the user B... That is, the cycle system: 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4, so it can be found that if the more wireless end ends are connected, then the time of one return will be The longer it is, the more intuitive the user feels, the slower the wireless.
wave 1.png
And WAVE2 uses MU-MIMO technology, that is, many to many ways, at the same time AP will send data to each user, less time than SU-MIMO, the user will feel the wireless faster.
wave 2.png