Application Skills Of Wireless Phone In Office-Calling pick up/Paging/Intercom

During our working time, because of the distance and efficiency reasons, we usually do not want to leave our seats but can solve many problems. For example: to help my colleagues answer the phone in our seats, attend meetings in our seats, etc., Now we introduce some "lazy tricks" to tell you how to complete your desired functions.

Calling Pick Up

My colleague-Lucy, who is out for travelling and asked me to pick up calling for her. I don’t want to because of far away of her seat. However, she said she would bring gift for me ,Finally I agreed. Do you want to know how could I achieve this? Let me show you Calling Pick Up function of Flyingvoice IP PBX.

Calling Pick Up: When their extensions belong to a same Pick-up group, they can use *8 to help pick up other’s callings , But if not in the same group , they can’t pick up callings for others. That is to say, if I belong to group 1,and Lucy also belong to group 1,we can pick up callings between each other’s .But if anyone wasn’t belong to group 1 ,he can not pick up for others.

1. Network Topology

To make it clear, I connected 4pcs of phones with IP PBX APX9102,
My phone number is 6000 and Lucy’s number is 6001(Model IP542N and IP622),both are in Group1.6002,6003 are in Group2.
Figure 1

2. APX9102 configuration in web

2.1 Create a user
Click Users option in the left of the the following Figure 2:

Figure 2

Click Create New User, enter the extension name in Extension, Enter the CallerID Name, Enter the CallerID Number ,choose the dial rule in DialPlan, Enter your password in SIP/IAX Password.(You can also use the users already exist ,configure your IP phone as that existed account.)

The following Figure 3 is the interface of Create New User. Choose 1 in Pickup Group on the bottom right of the page.(Similarly, choose 1 when create 6001,choose 2 when create 6002 and 6003.) The users you create should be within the scope of the extension, system will warn you if your extension is beyond of scope.

  As the figure 4,The extension numbers of system status are what you can use.  
 Figure 3

 Figure 4
After you finished configuration ,click “Update” to save this. As you can seeFigure5, We created four account-6000,6001,6002,6003.  
 Figure 5
If you forgot to choose group, you can click edit in figure 2 ,you can also click Advanced Edit button in figure 3,then change the data in the page as the Figure 6 
 Figure 6

Once you saved configuration ,please click Apply changes button at the top right in Figure 7 !!!
 Figure 7

2.2 IP Phone Configuration

IP Phone will get a IP Address automatically when connected to the PBX, then enter the IP Address in your Browser to enter to IP Phone configuration web, the account and password is admin/admin. The Figure 8 is the SIP Account of 6000,the password should be the same as the SIP/IAX in Figure 8.
 Figure 8
3. Pick up

As 6000 and 6001 both are belong to a same group, when Lucy’s 6001 ringing ,I can pick up her calling by enter *8 in my phone, but can’t pick up 6002,6003,because our phone belong to a different group. Because there are only I and Lucy in group 1,I can only pick up Lucy’s calling.


It is really far away from upstairs to downstairs when need to attend a meeting. I have already created groups, let’s use Intercom function. During the meeting, we discussed warmly. Well, maybe we are so warmly that it’s noised and we can’t hear what our boss say clearly. Our boss have to change Intercom mode to Paging mode. Do you want to know how to configure, Let me tell you.

1. Paging

Broadcast Paging transfers information by telephones or speakers to achieve functions such as broad IP and Network command. It can be used as broadcast paging system to publish a variety of real-time information to certain people.(What ? You can’t understand, OK, that is to say, no one can speak expect your boss, or tell you to attend a meeting but do not allow you to speak .) The Figure 9  is the configuration page .Assign a name for the Paging/Intercom group, choose 1-way Page in Type, add Page/Intercom Group Members by arrow, then click save ,and don’t forget to click Apply button.
 Figure 9

Attention about configuration interface:

Paging/Intercom: Enter the number of this Paging group, please enter the suitable number if users enabled the range of extension in option page of ABX9102.
Type:1-way Page

After users created and apply the paging in APX9102,anyone dial the number of extension for this Page/Intercom Group(as the Figure 9,the number is 660) ,all the phone in this group will ring, you can pick the phone at the same time. Of course, you can set IP Phone as pick up automatically, then you can be the first to receive notifications..

2. Intercom

The Intercom configuration is almost the same to Paging. Both need to assign a extension number, add numbers to the group, the different is that choose 2-way Intercom but not 1-way Page in Type. The Figure 10 is the configuration page.
 Figure 10
After users created and applied the paging in APX9102,anyone dial the number of extension for this Page/Intercom Group(as the Figure 10,the number is 661) ,all the phone in this group will ring, you can pick the phone at the same time. As the same as Paging, Intercom can be used as broadcast, the different is Intercom transfer voice date by 2-way,(That is to say ,you can speak during your boss speaking or everyone can speak when others speaking.)you can set IP Phone as “pick up automatically”, then you can be the first to get the notice.

Maybe, you will ask : If I'm talking with someone by phone, when a user 601 initiate a call using paging or intercom to the whole group, will I miss it? If A and B is speaking by phone, someone who is in the group Initiating a call, all phones will ring at the same time and they can pick up expect A and B, but the matching soft key of the two phone will flash, and the display screen will warn you there is a calling from 601.Once A or B finished talking ,their phone will ring if the Paging/Intercom is not finish.

3. Paging an Extension

Well, the configuration of Paging/Intercom is easy ,however, what if my boss only want to have meeting with me? OK,As you can see from Figure 11.Dial **+my extension number, my boss can ring me individually, but I can’t speak after pick up. If my boss want to discuss with me, he can dial *+my extension number. You can set the rules yourself which is easy to use. 
 Figure 11