LDAP Application

Basic Introduction

LDAP is a data storage thing. But not a database, it is mainly used in the directory , for example the phone book (yellow pages). The purpose of our phone book is to find a company's phone, in this phone book comes with some of this company's basic information, such as address, business scope, contact information and more. In fact, this example is an LDAP performance in real life. The organizational structure of the phone book is composed of a piece of information, the information classified by industry, analogy. Each record is divided into areas that cover the information we want. This is a Directory. A tree structure, each leaf is divided into a number of regional records, which is LDAP.

LDAP Phone book of FLYING
LDAP Phonebook Features:
·  Multiple LDAP phonebooks can be configured(only for FIP21GWP,11W only supports one).
·  Support to find each other's number and update the name to the screen.
·  Support custom phonebook properties fields, including name, phone number, ringtones.
·  Support no authentication and simple authentication two authentication methods.

LDAP is configured on the web page, and the configuration page is located at Phone> Phone book. Configuration items as shown:

Ldap serverFill in a server IP address that supports LDAP
Node InformationEnter the name of the phonebook configured on the LDAP server
Ldap user  Configure the user name to access the LDAP server
Ldap passwordConfigure the password for accessing the LDAP server
Ldap number nameFill in the name of the phone number, such as phone: 12345678915, phone  is LDAP number name
NameFill in the contact's name
GroupFill in the name of the group, such as the company inside the sales department, software department, hardware department, these departments is the name of the group
Intervals(s)Users can fill in according to their needs refresh interval
Ldap enableEnable LDAP