Wireless Repeater Application

1.Wireless repeater Overview
Wireless repeater mode, that is wireless AP in the network connection plays a repeater role, To achieve signal repeater and amplification, thus extending the coverage of the wireless network.

2.Wireless repeater network
Wireless repeater network mode is relatively simple, generally by a main AP and a number of repeater AP, as follows:
The repeater AP connects to the primary AP through the repeater mode, which extends the range of wireless ranges, with the best wireless extension of 20 meters. So that the remote client can accept a stronger wireless signal.

3.Device basic configuration
Set as follows:
1) Set the wireless mode to repeater  

2) Select the corresponding wireless SSID connetion

Notes:repeater mode, set the bridge mode, the client source MAC can be partially replaced.

3.Comparison of wireless repeater with WDS
Wireless repeater and WDS contrast: wireless repeater mode, that is wireless AP in the network connection plays a repeater role. To achieve the signal repeater and amplification. The WDS allows wireless APs to bridge (repeater) to wirelessly, which does not affect the functionality of their wireless AP coverage, that is WDS supports wireless access points (AP) in relay application mode.

4.Recommend Product--FWR8102
• 4 100M RJ45 ports, 2 FXS RJ11 ports
• 2.4GHz 300Mbps Wi-Fi
• Rich QoS capability in wired and wireless
• Real time FAX over IP via T.38 and T.30 FAX with G.711
• PESQ is above 4.3 in G.711, PESQ is above 3.7 in G.729 
• Auto-Provisioning TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS, TR069, SNMP