Default settings of IP phones and how to make phones factory default?

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1 What are the default settings of the IP phones?

1) WAN port connection type, default is DHCP, as shown in the following picture:
2) The following picture shows the default of the LAN port.

3) There are two user level, one is user mode and the other is administration mod, username for user mode is user, password is user; and username for adminstration mode is admin, password is admin, too.

4) By default, line1 should be enabled and the other lines are disabled.

2 How to make the phones factory default

There are three ways to make phones factory default, two are password needed and one is none password required.

1) Make phones factory default through WEB GUI
① Login IP phones' webpage, go to Administration-->Management page;
② Press factory fefault and the web will note you that "Please REBOOT to make the changes effective!", please press reboot, after rebooting, all settings will be default ones.

2) Make phones factory default through LCD
① Press Menu and select 17 Factory Reset;
② The phone will require the password, enter admin, then phone's settings should be default ones.

3) None password required to make phone factory default
① Press #*06# on phone's keybord, select 4 Factory Reset;
② The phone will require user to confirm the peformance and enter yes(937), all the settings will be factory default.
Notice: A hard reset will remove all your settings, and your device will be restored to factory default settings. Do not peform a hard reset unless you have backed up your settings or you can do the configuration again.