How to upgrade a new firmware for APX5008?

FAQ ID:12586
1 Download the newest firmware from our website;
2 Login the webpage of APX5008 and go to Syetem-->Backup/Flash Firmware page;
3 In Flash new firmware image column, click 20130320103716832.png to select the firmware you need to upgrade, and click 20130321041222103.jpg to begin the upgrading.
4 Then APX5008 will finish upgrading automatically, and reboot itself.
Notice: Please check the Keep settings option before you upgrade the new firmware and after the settings will be kept after it finishes upgrading. Or on Syetem-->Backup/Flash Firmware page, user can press  to backup the configuration file and restore the configurations after upgrading. To restore the configurations, please press 20130320103716832.png to select the file and press 20130321042327987.jpg to upload the file and when finish uploading please  press save&apply to make the changes effective.