How to use BLF?

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IP622 and IP652 support multi-functional key, which can make user be able to realize some other functions, BLF, for example.

BLF Introduction

BLF, or  Busy Lamp Field show the status of other users' phones(busy,ringing, available) connected to your phone system. Required is that you have this user on one of your BLFs and that your phone has BLF in the first place. Most IP phones use multi color LEDs to indicate the status of another phone. BLFs can also be used to call other users by pushing the BLF button. 

IP652 with one EXP40

BLF and Pickups

Some phone systems also allow to do pickups of the phones of other users. This way you can pickup calls from your users when they are not available. Usually  users need to be members of the same pickup group, in order to pick up each others phones. Pickups can be combined with BLF. When the phone of another users is ringing, this is indicated by a blinking BLF on your phone. If you and the other user are in the same pickup group, you can pickup the phone by pressing the BLF button on your phone.

BLF LED status description

BLF use the the LED to show the status of the phones which are monitored, usually there are:

The status of the phone which is monitoredBLF LED status
AvailableSteady Green
RingingFlashing Red
BusySteady Red

BLF buttons are multi-functional keys, too:
1) When the BLF number is Available(the button LED is steady green), press the BLF button to make a call to the number directly, this is the same with Speed dail;
2) When the BLF number is ringing(the button LED is Flashing Red), press the BLF button to pickup the call for the monitored number.

BLF Configuration

IP622 BLF configuration
This picture shows the configuration of one IP622, take Exp Key1 as an example, 556 is the number which is monitored, *8 is the feature code used to pick up the call, this should be the same with your PBX system. Asterisk PBX make *8 to the the pick up feature code. IP652 BLF configuration is the same with IP622.

IP652 BLF Configuration