Wireless Innovative Communications Conference in Beijing

On March 22, 2017, Beijing Flyingvoice successfully held the 2017 Flyingvoice Partner Conference in the Lakeview Hotel, with conference theme of "wireless, innovative communications". The conference was organized by Flyingvoice Technology Co., Ltd., cooperated with Flyingvoice’s Beijing distributor Xunfeihulian, joined the strategic partners Telpo, Raisecom, and many IP communications industry leading partners to attend.

During the conference, Flyingvoice has launched a number of wireless communications solutions and the company's latest products, wireless HD color screen IP phone FIP21GWP, and portable VoIP wireless router FTA1101. These refreshing solutions and new products attracted customers and partners great concern and got high recognition.


Flyingvoice CEO Fang Qiang, Flyingvoice CTO Sean Liu, Flyingvoice China Sales Director Liu Tengfei, , Beijing Xunfeihulian founder Yang Ping, Telpo Business Dept GM Xiao Jianfeng and Raisecom PM Liu Wei and other VIP guests have made wonderful speeches.

At the meeting, Flyingvoice CEO Fang Qiang first published a speech about Flyingvoice ten years development, and Flyingvoice’s view of the wireless IP voice communications market, at the end of the speech, he also celebrated for Flyingvoice’s 10 years anniversary.


Subsequently, Flyingvoice CTO Sean Liu and Flyingvoice China Sales Director Liu Tengfei have delivered a speech, respectively, about the technical characteristics of Flyingvoice products and the wireless IP telephony communications solutions marketing direction. In the venue, it provides a full range of solutions and new products at the booth, and truly create an IP audiovisual feast.

Beijing Xunfeihulian founder Yang Ping, Telpo Business Dept GM Xiao Jianfeng and Raisecom PM Liu Wei and other VIP guests have published speeches, sharing the most cutting-edge government-enterprise communication solutions, the most popular and attractive solutions and ancillary products of other enterprise communications market, together with IP communications field development trends, industry needs, the latest solutions for multi-angle in-depth discussion to help enterprises to achieve intelligent business communications and business innovation.
At the end of the meeting is Flyingvoice and Xunfeihulian distribution cooperation signing ceremony, which is one of the main content of this conference. Through the General Assembly Flyingvoice authorized Xunfeihulian as Beijing distributor.


The conference is jointly presented by industry leaders and partners, Telpo, Raisecom, Yeastar, Call Cloud, Hamming Technology, etc., covering and sharing all wireless solutions and industry applications, presenting three-dimensional, multi-level IP Wireless communication ecology audiovisual feast.


From left to right: Call Cloud founder - Li Yun, Xunfei founder - Yang Ping, HanMing Technology - Gao Qiang, Flyingvoice China Sales Director - Liu Tengfei, Flyingvoice CEO - Fang Qiang, Telpo Business Dept GM- Xiao Jianfeng, Xunfei - Lv Jianying
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